My new book blog

I used to have a mommy blog and I gave it up a few years ago.  Life got hectic and I lost some interest in always writing about kid stuff.  I started looking for more things that interest the non-mommy side of myself. 

My friend Stephanie is quite a blogger and has a wonderful book blog, The Written Word.  We participate in a book club together and we often talk books outside of club time.  She is a good source of recommendations and I use her as my personal library.  Stephanie is very generous in sharing her book collection. 

Stephanie has encouraged me to start my own book blog to help me keep track of all the books I read.  I often forget them quickly and would like a record of the books and what I thought of them.  So, I’m starting up. 


4 responses to “My new book blog

  1. Very cool! So glad you will join us! I’ll be sure to link here once I post your review of The Venitian Mask!

  2. Welcome to the wonderful world of bookblogging. Hope you are making room on your shelves for all of the wonderful discoveries! 🙂 (Found you via Stephanie’s The Written Word)

  3. I am new to the world of blogging also. I look forward to watching your blog to see how you are progressing. Erin

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