Jane Austen, Part 2

 Okay, so after my experience with Me & Mr. Darcy, I moved on to The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen by Syrie James.  This book was a fiction book written as a found diary of Jane.  It seemed so real, it was hard to remember that it was fiction.  The memoir was focused on a “secret” romance that Jane had with a man she met in Lyme.  It is not the more commonly known romance (in reality) of Jane with Tom Lefroy.   I think this was a good read, especially if you’re interested in Jane Austen.  It did make suppositions that all of Jane’s books were somehow based on occurrences in her real life.  The book described these events in such a way that I started to wonder if they were real (until I reminded myself it was a fiction book and not really a memoir).  I would recommend this romance to Jane Austen lovers.

One response to “Jane Austen, Part 2

  1. Its funny because I JUST reviewed this book over on my blog!

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