Vacation Reads

I’m off on vacation tomorrow and I’m struggling on what to bring to read (assuming my kids will let me read once in awhile!)  I tried to start that controversial tale, Lady Chatterly’s Lover, but I’m just not getting interested.  I made it to page 40 and I just put it down.  It’s too hard to read.  The vocabulary is way over my head.  I felt like I needed to get out my dictionary.  While a difficult read doesn’t, in itself, make it bad, boring does!

So, I think I want some sort of light read.  I packed a historical fiction romance called The Perfect Lover   by Stephanie Laurens which sounds light and promising.  And, my mom recommended a funny book by Linda Howard, Open Season.   

Are there any other suggestions for reading on a family trip to Disney?  (again, assuming there’s time to read)

5 responses to “Vacation Reads

  1. Maybe you should run out to B&N tonight to pick up our book club pick, The Secret History of the Pink Carnation. Otherwise stop by my house – I’ve got tons of books, one of which might just fit the bill!

  2. PINK CARNATION would be a fun vacation read. Light enough to be relaxing and funny enough to enjoy.

    If you enjoy a good romance, try BET ME by Jennifer Crusie. Sweet, sexy and a rollicking good time.

    Or, Shannon Hale’s BOOK OF A THOUSAND DAYS. It’s a young adult fairytale story. It takes a chapter or two to get thoroughly immersed, but it’s worth a look.

    I just read UGLIES by Scott Westerfield. It is good on its own; the sequels get preachy and just aren’t as much fun.

    Have a fantastic vacation!

  3. I always try to bring something light when I go on vacation. Sophie Kinsella is my choice (I could read any of the Shopaholic books over and over again). They’re very funny and quick reads. Plus, she’s got a new one out called Remember Me?

  4. Hope you have a great time on vacation! I went to Disney years ago and was so exhausted in the evenings that I couldn’t keep my eyes open to read at all!

  5. Hello! Found your blog via Stephanie and love your blog. I read Lady Chatterley’s Lover several years ago, and I literally had to make myself read a chapter a day. However, by the time I finished I ended up enjoying it. All the heaving loins and whatnot made me giggle along the way, though.

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