Just Another Romance Novel

Open SeasonI got this book from mom who raved about it.  She said it was really funny and she thought I would enjoy it.  She was right.  This is the story of a 34-year-old librarian who still lives home with her mother and her aunt in a small town.  She wakes up one morning and decides she needs to change her life if she wants to find a man.  She does a complete make-over and sets her sights on finding a husband.  The new chief of police has been nosing around, but she thinks he’s not her type…..

This story is your typical romance novel with the same equation as any Nora Roberts book.  Girl meets boy.  Girl hates boy.  Boy and Girl have lots of sexual tension.  Girl and Boy end up together with some steamy sex scenes.  Linda Howard must have read her share of Nora Roberts. 

But, Linda Howard adds lots of chuckles.  The scene where the main character goes to the local drug store to buy condoms so the word would be spread around town that she was interested in having sex so that the single men will seek her out is laugh out loud funny.  There are several other funny parts that I’ll let you discover on your own. 

There is a mystery also involved in this book (as with many romance novels).  The main character unwittingly gets herself involved and the chief of police has to save her.  That part of the book is not great and could have been developed better. 

All in all, if you’re looking for a quick read with some laughs, this book is for you.  If you’re looking for great literature, keep looking.


One response to “Just Another Romance Novel

  1. I’ve not read a Linda Howard book in ages! I went through a romance book phase many years ago and have to say I liked some of hers the best.

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