A Fun Little Mystery

I recently read Blind Submission by Debra Ginsberg.  Again, my friend over at The Written Word recommended it after reading it for a publisher.  She has also reviewed this book.  Can you tell that my friend is like my own personal library??

 A Novel


Blind Submission is the tale of a literary agency run by an eccentric woman, Lucy.  Angel, a book lover, gets a job as Lucy’s assistant and starts her life in the book publishing world.  Lucy is an unreasonable boss, but Angel learns a lot from her and really thinks she has found a career in publishing.  As part of Angel’s job, she reads manuscripts and decides which ones to put through to her boss.  One manuscript comes in by an anonymous writer which eerily parallels Angel’s life.  It starts to freak Angel out and it starts affecting her decisions in her personal life. 


This is a fun read.  The descriptions of Lucy really are amusing, but also told in a way that makes me feel the tension she must cause in people’s lives.  The book is interspersed with some of the chapters of the mystery manuscript.  While this does push the plot along, I thing the author does leave out some of the manuscript that may have added some more interest. 


The beginning of the book does start slowly.  I think the author spends a little too much time on the workings of the agency at the start of the novel.  I found myself wondering when the story would actually start.  But, once it did, it was fun.  As for the mystery of who wrote the anonymous manuscript, the author tried.  She presented several options, but I think it was pretty obvious long before the end when it was finally revealed. 


All in all, if you’re looking for a light read with some chuckles, this may be for you.  Just don’t expect too much. 


4 responses to “A Fun Little Mystery

  1. I want to read this one! It looks like a terrific summer book!

  2. It’s nice to have a personal library…er…friend! 😉

    So, this is a story within a story, all adding up to “who done it?” But not so complicated. Sounds like a good book to pick up for the kids’ swimming lessons.

  3. It looks like you and I have very similar tastes in reading… I read Blind Submission, too. I also thought that the “anonymous author” was a little too obvious. But its a very realistic protrayal of the book agenting process.

  4. So now I know why you really want to be my friend…

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