Are These Written by the Same Author??

I just finished reading two more of Linda Howard’s books, The Perfect Man and Cover of Night.  I had reviewed another of Howard’s books.  Check that out, too.A NovelMr. Perfect


Anyway, I thought both books were entertaining reads.  But, Cover of Night was most definitely the better book.  This was the story of a young widow with 4-year-old twins.  She moves to Idaho after her husband dies and opens a b&b in a small town.  One of her customers is on the run from some bad guy and after he disappears from her inn, his enemy takes siege of her little town.  There was actually a story here that did not depend totally on a romance.  There was a romance, of course, and it did lend some sexual tension.  However, there was a good story involved.

Then, there was Mr. Perfect.  This was a story about four woman who made a a list about what Mr. Perfect should look like.  It somehow got picked up by the media and they earned there 15-minutes of fame which lasted longer because a killer started picking off the four women one at a time.  This story was more far-fetched than most of these romance/mystery books.  And, the book seemed to revolve the love interest’s erections than it did around the main story line.  I’m not too prudish, but there seemed to be descriptions of erections on every other page.  Maybe I was more surprised since my mother loaned this book to me!

Overall, I was entertained by both.  But for a better read, I’d go with Cover of Night. 



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