A Bend in the Road — Nicholas Sparks

I received my copy of A Bend in the Road from bookmooch not too long ago.  When I was in the mood for a sappy romance, I sat right down with this one.  Nicholas Sparks never disappoints me when it comes to romance.  Of course, I always have to deal with the depressing overtones of death, but every once in awhile these books are for me.

A Bend in the Road

This story is about a young widower who falls for his 7-year-old son’s teacher, a young divorcee new to town.  Sparks describes how this new romance finally starts to pull the widower out of his mourning until someone tells the widower who really killed his wife.  Of course, there’s a twist there that I won’t spoil here and the twist comes between the widower and his new love interest, of course.

I enjoyed this book.  The descriptions of the widower trying to ask the teacher out were cute.  I could almost visualize the scence and I chuckled.  The romance was heartwarming, if not believable.  I remember thinking that romances don’t happen like this.  But, it was an escape from reality.  And, for once, Sparks provides a happy ending.  I was getting worried near the end that it wouldn’t happen, but it does. 

Overall, not the best book ever, but enjoyable.



4 responses to “A Bend in the Road — Nicholas Sparks

  1. I have yet to read a Nicholas Spark book, only really because I like a little humor with my romance! See you tonight at our book club meeting!

  2. i read this book last week and was totally captivated by the storyline.. i felt the book was too good and his way of handlinf emotions was too good

  3. I just finished reading “A Bend in the Road” and it’s one of the best books that I have read. Nicholas sparks is by far, my favorite author. The book left me questioning till the end, and even made me feel happy that he once found love again. The end of the story shocked me the most. I love it

  4. A great novel. my favory from Sparks

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