Boudoir Books

My friend and I sometimes exchange books the few times of year that we meet.  One time, she brought me Nora Robert’s Circle Triology.  She loved it.  Plus, she said, it had the added bonus of helping to put her “in the mood.”  She had a young baby and any woman with newborns knows that a little help in the boudoir is always welcome.  Well, I had to check it out for myself.  And, my friend was right.  It sure did help. 

Now, I was wondering if this post was a little tasteless.  But, I figure guys have their “helpers” for getting in the mood (if they even need them), so why shouldn’t we ladies share ours.

In addition to Nora Robert’s vampire triology, Stephenie Meyer’s books make me feel tingly.  Do I have something for vampires?  I don’t know, but after I read that chapter in the third book when Bella and Edward were alone for the first time overnight at his house, I felt all mushy inside.  Let’s hear it for sexual tension!

My book club met last week and we talked about the racy scences in The Secret History of the Pink Carnation.  Some of us were shocked that this period piece had such racy scences.  Although, a new member (I won’t name names) commented she read those a couple of times! 

So, lady book bloggers, do you have any secret books that you use for some mood setting?


4 responses to “Boudoir Books

  1. I find it entirely refreshing that you have a group that will talk about issues like this. For some reason, it’s a taboo subject around here; I have no one, sisters or friends, who will even broach the subject of good, steamy novels with me, much less talk intelligently about them.

    As far as getting in the mood, I don’t have much hindering me, LOL. But I enjoy a good sex scene. The Twilight series is so sweetly sexy, without the actual act, I tingle too. (Good description!) I loved the Circle Trilogy, too. Lots of tension and satisfying, erm, resolutions.

    Diana Gabaldon also writes extremely steamy scenes. I love the whole aspect of the relationship between Jamie and Claire, even with the argumentative passion.

    One of my favorite scenes, though, is from Jennifer Crusie’s BET ME. I have never looked at donuts the same since, LOL.

  2. Nicole – You are too funny! I still have to get around to testing, I mean reading, that Circle trilogy!

  3. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Ascetic

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