The Host by Stephenie Meyer

Okay, Stephenie Meyer, you did it again.  I really liked this book, alot.  As all my friends and family know, I am a huge Stephenie Meyer fan and I am living for the August 2nd release of Breaking Dawn.  I was a little worried about reading The Host because the topic didn’t interest me (and my mom said she couldn’t get into it until page 100).  This book is about a species of “spirits” that come to Earth and take over humans bodies.  It is the story of how one human resists and how the spirit and the human start to coexist.  In fact, the “spirit” starts to feel bad for the humans and joins with the human resistance.  Not really my cup of tea, or so I thought.

I don’t know how Stephenie Meyer does it.  But, she can really craft some interesting characters that I can totally relate to and care about.  I even liked the “spirit.”  And her story was intriguing.  I was interested on where she was heading with it and it kept me turning pages.  I finished this very long book (619 pages) in two days! 

Plus, Stephenie is the master of creating some sweet romances.  She does seem to enjoy the love triangle, but she is always able to put a new spin on it.  I loved reading about how Ian pursued Wanda.  It gave me those tingles that Meyer is so good at eliciting.

Overall, I think Stephenie did it again.  She is able to create something great, even without Bella and Edward.

Before I picked up my copy, I read a review at Fuzzycricket.  I’m sure others have reviewed it, but I haven’t seen them yet.  If you have a review, please include your link in the comments.

3 responses to “The Host by Stephenie Meyer

  1. crazycrashink

    I’ve always wanted to read Twilight… I’ll have to read that and check out this author everywhere I turn it seems people are saying great things about her work!

  2. Nicole – I agree. She did it again. And beautifully. Not only are the characters awesome, and the romances sizzlin’ sweet, Meyer puts in some good elements to discuss. She’s just a darn good storyteller. Glad you enjoyed the book!!!

    crazycrashink – You should definitely try Twilight. It’s a fun story. THE HOST, I think, is better as far writing style and character development, but Twilight is my first love. Sigh. Good stuff!

  3. Thanks for adding me to your blog list!

    I really enjoyed The Host in a completely different way from the Twilight series. The first time I picked it up I couldn’t get into it, so I put it down and months later I tried again. I wonder if she will make it a series 🙂

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