Another Grimms Tale — Retold

I have seen on lots of blogs comments about Book of a Thousand Days by Shannon Hale.  I wish I was better at keeping track of where I read these great reviews so I can link to them, but I haven’t got myself that organized yet. 

This retelling of a fairy tale is about Lady Seren who is locked in a tower for seven years because she refuses to marry the man her father chooses.  The book is written like a journal by Lady Seren’s maid, Dashti.  The entire story is told from Dashti’s perspective.  I thought this was an interesting approach, having the journal being the method of telling the tale.  It did give us a good look into Dashti’s feelings, confusion, and strength.

However, I was a little surprised about this book.  After reading all the reviews, I looked for a real page-turner.  I didn’t get it here.  I liked the book overall, but it wasn’t what I imagined.  The first half of the book was quite slow.  I know not much goes on in a tower, but it seemed to drag on and on.  I was a little annoyed by Lady Seren and frustrated by Dashti’s mixed feelings.  I know she was a maid and was expected to behave and think a certain way, but, for some reason, I couln’t allow for that.  Maybe I wasn’t in the right mood for this while I read.

After they break out of the tower, action does pick up.  I started to enjoy the book more.  Dashti is a strong woman who does take responsibilty for her actions, even when she was in an impossible situation.  I like that message, especially now adays when no one wants to take responsiblity.

Overall, the story was good, but not the best I’ve read of Shannon Hale.  I know many of you will disagree.  Please link your reviews in the comments.  I’ll add them to the post.  I love to get different perspectives about a book I’ve read.


4 responses to “Another Grimms Tale — Retold

  1. This isn’t my favorite Shannon Hale book, either. It *was* slow. But it grew on me. Lady Seren is one of those characters I just couldn’t feel sympathy for, even when she learned to work and smile. Thank goodness I don’t have to be subservient to someone like her.

    I think the journal format was a clever way to tell this story, especially from first person POV.

  2. I do believe my moods affect certain readings. With so many books I want to read, I feel like I’m forcing myself more and… that is not the point of reading, is it? When I have to remind myself it’s supposed to be FUN.

  3. The right mood can make or break a book. I liked this one. It wasn’t a page turner but very enjoyable. I reviewed it here

  4. Actually, this was one of my favorite books by Hale! Funny how I didn’t find it slow at all…and scarfed it down in like two days!

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