Another Sophie Kinsella


I just finished yet another of Sophie Kinsella’s chick-lit novels, Confessions of a Shopaholic.  This one is about a 25-year-old British “woman” that can’t stop shopping, even after the creditors are after her.  That’s basically it.  The story in a nutshell.

I’m not sure how I feel about this one.  It definitely wasn’t one of my favorites.  Throughout the book, I kept thinking how ridiculous the whole thing was.  The main character, Becky, was ridiculous.  I know there are people out there with “shopping issues,” but this was definitely way out there (I hope!)  Becky was a caricature of the shopaholic and her approaches to fixing her problem were ludicrious.  I couln’t feel sorry for her because I was too busy being annoyed by her.  And, the resolution to it all was quite far-fetched. 

Now, with all that criticism, I have to stay I raced through one.  I even found myself staying up to 11:30PM to finish it (I’m usually in be at 9PM).  I couldn’t put it down and I’m not sure why, especially since I found Becky so stupid and annoying.  I guess I just wanted to see where the author was going with this. 


6 responses to “Another Sophie Kinsella

  1. I liked this book because it made me laugh – I took it as a spoof on the “shop-til-I-drop” kind of woman thing. It was light and easy to read and sometimes that’s what I need. But, I understand completely your point of view… Good review! Thanks

  2. I agree…I found it to be comical and highly entertaining. I breezed through all of these books in the series. I don’t think that you are supposed to really like Becky. I think you are simply supposed to laugh at her follies. It is a good slice of entertainment.

  3. I read this several years ago and I can remember having similar feelings toward it. Needless to say, I didn’t read any of the sequels.

  4. Its amazing–you’re the first person I’ve ever come across who didn’t totally love the book. But its always good to see varying opinions on books.

  5. Hey, I just read on another blog ( that this is going to be made into a movie starring Kate Hudson!

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