A Young Adult “The Road” — LIFE AS WE KNEW IT by Susan Beth Pfeffer


I read a review of this young adult novel on Book Addiction and just had to get to the library and get.  It quickly moved its way up to the top of my TBR list.

This book is the journal of a young woman that details her and her family’s struggle after a meteor knocks the moon closer in orbit to the earth.  This lunar impact causes drastic changes on Earth, including extreme climate changes, loss of major cities/states, lack of food and gas, etc.   It kind of reminded me of a more interesting version of The  Road

I really enjoyed the diary approach as it really let us into this teen’s feelings.  It was true to life in showing a typical adolescent’s feelings and how they continue even in the face of great tragedy before she must learn to grow up too soon. 

It dealt wonderfully with the confusion the teen feels when her mother stops wanting her to consider others outside the family and the anger that results.  This part did remind me of The Road when the father in that book got angry with his son when the son wanted to help strangers they found along the way.  It made me wonder how I would react as a parent in these situations.  When I read The Road, I was shocked by the father’s reactions to the son wanting to help.  Then, the mother in Life As We Know It reacted similarly.  I guess the parental instinct for protecting one’s family outrules wanting to help others. 

I admired the strength of this mother, questioned the father’s choices, was shocked by some things people in general did.  I thought this book was thought-provoking in a way that I didn’t get from The Road which many other readers seemed to, like my husband.  I guess I get more out of a story with characters I can identify with than from a book with two unnamed characters that I never seemed to be able to “get.”

Overall, I’m glad I took Book Addiction’s recommendation and I add my own to the growing list of people who really enjoyed this one.


3 responses to “A Young Adult “The Road” — LIFE AS WE KNEW IT by Susan Beth Pfeffer

  1. The Road, however, isn’t a YA novel, is it? What makes a book YA anyway? just wondering…

    I remember enjoying the contrast between your rev and the Hub’s on The Road which is still on my tbr list and now maybe this one.

  2. Hey bkclubcare,

    I think YA novels have a YA as the protagonist and it is kind of a coming of age thing. I just find them so fascinating, as I do adolescents. I’m a school psychologist and working with the middle-schooler is my favorite.

  3. I just finished this book tonight- read it in one day- and I loved it!! I thought it was amazing. And I hated The Road!! I never connected to the people- the man and the boy. This was such a more believable (and thus, scary) representation of what a catastrophe of this nature would be like and how regular people would be affected. Loved it.

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