A Self-Proclaimed Suspense Novel

The Finishing School

I just finished a mystery, The Finishing School A Novel of Suspense, by Michele Martinez.  My author friend gave it to me to read.  I felt like another mystery after reading her book last week.

The Finishing Schoolis about a federal prosecutor, Melanie, who gets involved in a high profile case of two apparent OD’s of two rich girls from a very exclusive school.  Of course, it turns out there is more to it than just the ODs.  There’s murder, embezzlement, drug muling, old grudges, affairs, and, of course, a budding romance between Melanie and one of the FBI agents.  This book had it all.

The pace of the book was quick.  There was always something going on and it kept you interested. There were many characters that I sometimes had trouble keeping track of.  However, I really did like the two main characters.  I enjoyed the unfolding of their relationship, even if it did seem a little unbelievable.  I didn’t think the author did a good job resolving the one big fight the couple had.   It kind of got glossed over and I think it could have been handled better.  It was like the author threw in the fight to cause some more tension, but then decided to forget about it.

What I thought was interesting about this book was it told you the killer’s name from the beginning.  So, I often wondered what the mystery was.  However, the story did unfold and there were lots of twists I didn’t see coming.  I was shocked by some of the twists and found the wrap-up of the story satisfying.

Overall, if you’re into mysteries, this book is a good one.  If you want to know more about Martinez’s mysteries with Melanie check out the author’s website.



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