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The Twilight Collection (Twilight)

As everyone who knows me knows, I LOVE the Twilight series.  I would say I’m mildly obsessed with these books.  I borrowed Twilight from the library last year and raced through it.  I was in a bad mood when it was over because I didn’t want it to end, so I proceeded to rush out to the bookstore to buy New Moon, which I could only get in hardcover.  I NEVER buy hardcover books, but I couldn’t help myself.  Well, needless to say, I finished that one quickly, too.  While I didn’t enjoy quite as much as Twilight, I still loved it.  My husband picked up Eclipse for me, also in hardcover, the next day.  That’s TWO hardcover books in less than a week.  I thought I lost my mind.  Again, I raced through the book.  The third one was my favorite.  I know many disagree, but that love triangle had me hooked. 

Shortly after I finished the last one, my mom asked me what I would like for a gift.  I told her I wanted a hardcover copy of Twilight to complete my collection.  She obliged!  I have the complete collection and I am eagerly awaiting book number four, Breaking Dawn, which I pre-ordered, of course, in harcover.

I have recommended these books to anyone that will listen.  My mom has read them all, my friend who originally turned me on to Twilight  has read the rest of them, I push the book regularly on my book club friends.  My author friend read the first one, enjoyed it, but didn’t want to spend the money on hardcovers for the second two.  That, I don’t understand!!  I have another friend who has resisted me because she didn’t want to shop in the young adult section.  I told her she is really missing out.  I find some the best books (which I did) in this section. 

After getting through the first three books, I became an avid reader of Stephenie Meyer’s website.  I find wonderful updates on her books, what her plans are for the future, her ideas about the upcoming Twilight movie (coming out 12/12/08, I need to get a babysitter).  I also found something else I couldn’t pass up, the first chapter of the next book that Meyer is writing.  Since Breaking Dawn is the last in the series, I thought I’d be very sad.  However, I’m happy to report, Stephenie is going to write a companion book to Twilight written from Edward’s perspective.  I read the first chapter and it was great!  It was fascinating to read the same events from a totally different perspective.  And, there were some surprises to me.  I will be waiting anxiously for this book, too.

Now, to really let you know how obsesses I am, after I got my first MP3 player at Christmas, I ran to the library and checked out the books on CD.  I loaded them onto the MP3 player and listened to the books, obsessively.  Every chance I got I had those earphones in.  I was like a little kid again having someone read me a beloved story.

And, then, I found out that Meyer released a special edition of Eclipse, which included the first chapter of the next book (plus an iron-on Team Jacob or Team Edward patch).  Now, I know you’re thinking I bought this special edition, but I didn’t go that far.  I just went to Borders, took the book and found a comfy seat.  I sat down a read that first chapter and then gingerly put it back on the shelf. 

Now, I, of course, liked it.  But, I have to say I was a little disappointed, too.  Bella is still hemming and hawing about not wanting to have a wedding and get married.  She’s almost annoyed that her mother is not giving her a hard time about it.  And, she’s still thinking about Jacob.  Puhleez!  Jacob is great, but he is no Edward.  (I think I’m secretly in love with Edward, myself.  Don’t tell my husband!)   So, I am definitely on Team Edward.   What team are you on??

Well, I’ll be waiting with baited breath for the delivery man to deliver my copy of Breaking Dawn on August 2nd.  Will you?


8 responses to “Stephenie Meyer Fan

  1. I must admit that too much enthusiasm makes me shy away from a book. And I have too many books on my lists to want to get into a series. BUT I am thrilled for you and your new obsession! In 20-30 years, those hardcovers might be worth some money. Get ’em autographed! (have you heard how much a first ed of Harry Potter is going for? crazy.)

  2. The Twilight series is one of my favorites. I haven’t preordered BREAKING DAWN, and will probably just pick it up somewhere shortly after it comes out.

    I think Edward is perfect for Bella. My personal tastes would probably run toward Jacob, even if he is a big silly kid at times.

    I probably won’t read the first chapter; I’ll save it for The Big Day.

  3. He, he. If you loved them that much check out my current Stephenie Meyer giveaway here.

  4. Team Edward too! 🙂
    I loved Twilight but I admit I was disappointed with the subsequent books. I’ll be waiting for your review of Breaking Dawn. I’m curious of course but just don’t know if I’ll be rushing to get the book.
    Have you read her new book Host?

  5. TEAM EDWARD BABY! I won’t be ordering Breaking Dawn, in hopes that my girlfriend *hint hint* will let me borrow hers when she is finished!

  6. Maw Books, since I have all of Meyer’s books, I’ll sit this one out and leave it for someone else.

    Iliana, I have read The Host and reviewed it somewhere on this blog!

    BKclubcare — I would love to get them autographed, but do you know how hard it is to get into one of her readings??

    Fuzzycricket — I like Jacob,too, but my heart belongs to Edward. I guess I’m like Bella that way (haha).

    Stephanie — what friend are you talking about? :>

  7. I am so excited about Breaking Dawn’s release in August and the movie in December. I guess we survive by knowing that we will get to read Edward’s perspective in the near future. Of course, I will have to re-vamp Twilight as I read Midnight Sun.
    I’m team Edward too! Shh don’t tell my husband! I even started a separate blog to write about my obsession, pathetic huh? Are you on the Twilight Mom’s forum? 😉

  8. I’ve joined this party a bit late, but now I’m swinging from the vampire rafters, so to speak. I love this series. I have not yet finished Eclipse, but should have it knocked out with one more really late night. There is so much sexual tension between Edward and Bella, I’m not sure I want my own teen daughters to read them! I’m imagining them “imprinting” on the first beautiful loner they see…

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