Book Club Pick — Baby Proof by emily giffin

Baby Proof

This month, my vote finally won and we chose Baby Proof, by emily giffin for our read.  Of the three books suggested, I felt like this would be a nice, light read — a good one for the summer.

Baby Proof is the story of a couple who has agreed they don’t want children and decide to get married.  However, after three years, the husband (not the wife) changes his mind.  He does want kids. 

Well, I finished this book in one day!  I really enjoyed it and loved emily giffin’s insights.  Sometimes, I felt like she was reading my mind.  Now, I have decided to have two kids, and, before having kids I often wondered why married couples chose not to have children.  After having my kids, whom I love dearly, I “get” why people don’t have kids. 

The author does a great job describing the conflicting emotions and thoughts of the main character, Claudia, throughout the book.  I do find the main character a little un-self-aware and stubborn.  I understand Claudia’s feelings that she and her husband had a deal and it’s not fair he changed his mind, but she doesn’t even try to understand his point of view.  She professes that he’s her soul mate, but doesn’t even try to work out their problem (at least at first).  Also, I felt like she projected onto others what she “thought” they were thinking instead of what they really were.  She always jumped to conclusions (don’t we all?)  But, sometimes, I didn’t like her very much. 

Other times, I found her to be very endearing.  Her interactions with her young niece are heart-warming.  Her deep feelings for her family and her husband are admirable.  And, her finally coming to terms with her thoughts and feelings helped me like her more.  Overall, Claudia turned into a friend that I was sometimes frustrated with, but liked anyway.

I don’t usually remember quotes/passages from books or find any that have truly “touched” me, but as I read the early pages, I found some lines that the author wrote that I have actually thought as a parent.  One such line, talking about how relationships change with children, is:

So for better or worse, the dynamic of two people shifts and takes a new form.  A form that sometimes seems to have more to do with surviving than truly enjoying life.”

I can’t tell you how much I relate to this statement. 

Anyway, I’m looking forward to our book club’s discussion of this book.  We’re a group of mothers (some who have had trouble conceiving) and it will be interesting to see how each of us relates to Claudia (or not). 

I, also, just checked out the author’s website.  I don’t usually do that, but I wondered if there was information about why she chose this topic, especially since she has children of her own.  While I didn’t find out anything like that, I did find out that if you join her newsletter, you get entered into a drawing for some great stuff, all in honor of her new book, Love the One Your With.  I plan on checking that one out!


6 responses to “Book Club Pick — Baby Proof by emily giffin

  1. I should get this for a friend of mine who is in the same situation. She says her cats are enough stress for her without having kids.

  2. I don’t know, this book hasn’t appealed to me so far and I’m almost half way through! It may make a lively discussion at book club though!

  3. Thanks for the review. This sounds like an interesting book. I already planned on reading “Love the One You’re With” so why not both?

  4. Very interesting – ok, I’m adding to my list again.

  5. That is one great quote; I can totally relate to it, too. What an interesting topic to write about. Great review!

  6. Psst… You won the ARC I was giving away 🙂 Send me your details when you get a chance!

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