More Free Books!!

The Ten-Year Nap

I’ve been fortunate to receive some new books in the mail lately that I didn’t have to pay for.  One, Iliana sent me for winning her contest over at Bookgirl’s Nightstand.  I look forward to reading Meg Wolitzer’s The Ten Year Nap which Iliana did review at her blog.

Three Rivers Press and Crown Publishing have also cotinued their kindness by sending me three books I was interested in reading, including Superpowers by David J. Schwartz, Out-Takes From a Marriage by Ann Leary, and Just Do It by Douglas Brown. 

A NovelI just finished  Superpowers  by David J. Schwartz.  This is the story of five college students who wake up one morning after partying together with superpowers.  Caroline can fly, Mary Beth has super-strength, Harriet is invisible, Jack is super-fast, and Charles can read others’ minds.  The group must decide what to do with their new powers, whom to tell and how to balance their new “responsibilities.” 

I’m not sure what to say about this book.  I chose it from a list thinking that the concept sounded interesting.  I always like Superman and Spiderman stories.  This was a little different.  It took a look at the darker side of superpowers (which Batman and Spiderman have hinted at in movies), but spent little time on anything too positive.  This book had quite a negative feel to it. 

The book is told from the perspective of an editor (who is loosely part of the story) as he has interviewed two of the super”heros”.  The tale is fraught with consipiracies, confusion, sadness — not too much happiness.  Maybe that’s why I had some trouble with this book.

The main characters were interesting, but I thought they could have been developed a little more so that I could care about them.  There were a couple of “extra” characters that took some attention away from the main story that I think could have been deleted so that more attention could be paid to developing the main characters.   

The author did provide some suspense.  Each chapter started with a date, starting with May 20, 2001 and ending on October 19, 2001.  Knowing that 9/11 was coming added some suspense to this novel and kept me reading.  I was interested in how the superheros would deal with 9/11 and how/if they would be involved.  The author did do a good job showing how that horrible event affected the main characters in a similar way it affected the rest of us.  It made the “superheros”  human.

If you’re into superheros and comic books, you would probably enjoy this book.  There are definitely some political undertones, which I don’t always appreciate, but I know there are those of you out there that do.


6 responses to “More Free Books!!

  1. I just received my copy of OUTTAKES FROM A MARRIAGE. It looks cute! I’ll be anxious to hear what you think about it.

  2. Ooh that was fast. I hope you enjoy it!

  3. Free is the best kind, hee, hee! It’s always so fun, reading your thoughts on books. I tend to stay away from overly political messages, too. I don’t mind if they are undertones, but when it’s slap-you-upside-the-head prevalent, then I have a tough time finishing the book.

    Superpowers sounds interesting. Good review!

  4. Great blog! I saw your guest post over at Books on the Brain and came on over to check Book Escape out. I added you to my reader, so I can check in regularly. Thanks for blogging!

  5. Free books are great! I love coming home to pacakges on my porch. Great review.

  6. I also saw your guest post at Books on the Brain [and continue to watch your blog because of such interesting things like the Kindergarten Book Club].

    I’d heard of Superpowers, and while I normally don’t like to read books that are too dark or negative, I think I’ll try reading it – just the September 11th part and imagining the way it would be portrayed interests me. Thank you for the review!

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