Yeah for Gift Cards!!

My husband & I will be married for nine years on July 24.  As an early gift, my father gave us a $100 gift card to Barnes & Noble.  Now, after I talked myself into letting my husband use half of that money, I had to narrow down which books I would buy.  My list is every growing as I read more and more book blogs with recommendations. 

I did limit myself to trade paperbacks and vetoed any hardcovers in order to maximize my funds.  Therefore, I didn’t buy Matrimony by Joshua Henkin (even though I’ve been dying to read it).  The paperback comes out August 26.  I’ll also have to wait for the paperback of The Reincartionist by M.J. Rose that Booking Mama recommends.

I was disappointed and surprised to find that some of my choices were not in stock at the big B&N near us.  I couldn’t get The Patron Saint of Butterflies by Cecilia Galante that was reviewed at Presenting Lenore

So, what did I end up with? The Big Girls (Vintage Contemporaries) I did get The Big Girls by Susanna Moore (also reviewed by Booking Mama).  It’s the story of a woman serving a life sentence for killing her children, the chief of psychiatry at the prison, a corrections officer, and a Hollywood starlet.  It sounds like a fasinating tale, although one that, as a mother, may be hard to read.

One Woman's Search for Everything Across Italy, India and IndonesiaI also jumped on the Oprah bandwagon and bought Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert.  My book club may read this one next month (it’s one of a possible three), so I thought I’d be ready.  Plus, I must admit, I’ve wanted to read it since I saw the author on Oprah. 

Mr. Darcy's Diary

I was about to pick up The Kindness of Strangers by Katrina Kittle which I’ve seen reviewed on several blogs.  But, my eye caught Mr. Darcy’s Diary by Amanda Grange and I’m always a sucker for a Jane Austen-esque book.  Plus, I thought it would be a light, vacation read for later in the summer.

So, that pretty much covers my half of the gift certificate.  My husband bought two non-fiction, history books which he plans to read on vacation in August.  And, my husband was gracious enough to share his half of the money with the kids, buying my daughter, Fancy Nancy Goes to the Museum ( I always enjoy a good Fancy Nancy story.) Fancy Nancy at the Museum (I Can Read Book 1)My son picked out a castle maze book that had a knight on the cover. 

With $6.06 left, I guess I’ll let my husband buy a magazine!


8 responses to “Yeah for Gift Cards!!

  1. What a great gift! I have such a hard time spending gift cards though — want to make sure I get just the right book 🙂
    Hadn’t heard of The Big Girls before but that sounds intriguing.

  2. Happy Anniversary! Nine years is quite the accomplishment. And it *must* be true love if you gave him half the gift card. Very romantic indeed!

  3. What a sweet gift 🙂

    And Mr. Darcy’s Diary! It was given to me as a gift, and I had accidentally left it on my desk for a while before I actually read it. It’s such a lovely read, and I’m so glad it caught your eye!

  4. What a great gift! I’ve read Mr. Darcy’s diary (also a Jane Austen continuations fan) and really enjoyed it. It is a short, pleasant read.

  5. sounds like you picked up some great reads, especially the Amanda Grange! I love that book. You can see my review here:

  6. Happy anniversary! I really enjoyed Mr. Darcy’s Diary. It was a quick read. I hope you enjoy it, too.

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