Kindergarten Book Club Update

     Well, we just had our fourth meeting of the Kindergarten book club.  Overall, the book club has been a success, I think.  All the girls seem to be enjoying it, except my little one, who is very controlling.  If things are not exactly as she wants it, she doesn’t want to participate.

      Our second book club meeting, summer, was held as someone else’s house.  At first, my daughter didn’t want to go because she thought it was HER book club since she started it.  She did come around and she participated at that meeting.  That mom picked out the book, There’s a Dolphin in the Grand Canal, a story about a little boy who sees a dolphin in the Grand Canal in Venice by John Bemelmans Marciano .  There's a Dolphin in the Grand CanalIt was a cute story which exposed our little girls to a new country.  Afterwards, the girls decorated visors to protect themselves this summer and then snacked on fruit and Italian Ice (went well with the story). 

     After we finished, it was time to pick a theme for the following week.  My daughter wanted ballet, but she was out-voted (like I often am at my own book club) and pets became the theme.  My little one was not happy.

      Pets week was back at our house.  We passed out paper cats of different colors.  Then we read a poem about cats where each girl had to hold up there colored cat when their color was read in the poem. 

A Cautionary TaleThen, we read Princess Justina Albertina, by Ellen Dee Davidson and Michael Chesworth, about a princess that wanted a special pet.  We then made dog tags to wear and completed a pet riddle book.  We snacked on gold fish and Scooby dog bone snacks (graham crackers shaped like dog bones).  My daughter actually ended up having a good time.  And, she convinced her friends to vote for ballet for the next theme.

     This week was ballet, what my daughter was waiting for.  But, since she was mad at me, she didn’t participate.  So, I ran the book club for the other girls that showed up.  We played freeze dance (to HSM), practiced dancing slow to slower music and fast to faster music. 

Belinda Begins BalletWe read Belinda Begins Ballet, by Amy Young, about a girl with really big feet who becomes a dancer.  We then colored pictures of Angelina Ballerina and decorated door hangers with ballerina stickers for the girls to hand on their bedroom doors (since Belinda practiced her ballet in her room).  Finally, we snacked on fruit and water, since ballerinas needed healthy snacks.  Of course, my daughter joined the group for snack and playtime.

     While I thought I may end the book club because I was having issues with my girl, all the other moms assured me that their girls really like it.  So, on we go. Plus, I think my daughter could use some practice with groups.

      My friend is hosting next week with the theme of butterflies!


4 responses to “Kindergarten Book Club Update

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  2. You are doing a great job with the book club – very creative! And Rachel is so proud when she talks about being in her own club (“just for girls!”)

  3. I think this is such a great idea! The crafts and snacks you come up with to go with each theme’s books are so wonderful! I have an almost 5 year old daughter and I might try something like this with her and her friends next summer. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Books and crafts and snacks! I admit I was both amused and dismayed that your lil girl wouldn’t participate. and you report on it so factually – is she like you or totally different? (Guess, I’m curious. kids do baffle me) It’s great that she ‘worked the room’ to make sure ballet was next?

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