It’s Bittersweet…..


Breaking Dawn (The Twilight Saga, Book 4)

I received my copy of Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer on Tuesday (while I was expecting it to arrive on its release date of Saturday).  I almost hugged the mailman when he rang my doorbell and handed me my package from Amazon.  It was great that my mom had the kids for the day.  I spent the entire afternoon reading, left for Panera Bread with my book when my husband got home, read some more when I came back and knew the kids were in bed.  The next morning, my kids watched TV while I finished it.  Yes, I finished the over 700-page finale in less than 24-hours!   I feel a little like I did when I finished the last Harry Potter book, a little sad, but satisfied.  At least, I still have two Harry Potter movies and the Twilight movie to look forward to.

As my friends know, I am a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE Stephenie Meyer fan (I’ve even convinced my husband to read The Host).  I LOVE Edward and I love Bella.  I even like Jacob.  I couldn’t wait to see how Stephenie was going to end this love story.  I was not disappointed.  And, I don’t think the Jacob fans out there will be that disappointed, either.  Stephenie Meyer found a way, I think, to make sure all of her fans would be satisfied. 

The book started off with the wedding we’ve all been waiting for.  That’s where the predictable part ends.  By the third or fourth chapter, I was surprised, delighted and engrossed.  I still got some tingling feelings in my belly with scences between Edward and Bella although the “tension” isn’t quite as strong now that they are married!  I don’t know how this author does it, but I am totally involved in these stories.  And, the twists don’t stop throughout this book.  Stephenie Meyer sure knows how to make things fit together.  She ties up all the loose ends, which is a little too neat.  But, the path to the end is exciting and surprising. 

I don’t want to say too much and ruin it for anyone still reading it. 



9 responses to “It’s Bittersweet…..

  1. Boy, I need to get myself a Nanny (or re-incarnate my Mom) so I can finish a big book in 24hrs)! Anyway, I’m about half way through and am impressed with how the story is playing out. If there is one thing you can say about Meyer, it’s that she has one hell of an imagination!

  2. Your speed reading never ceases to amaze me! Your enthusiasm for this book really makes me want to read it!

    Stephanie – maybe you and I could work out a schedule with Nicole’s mom!

  3. Yay! I’m glad you enjoyed it, too! I’ll be posting a review soon. I don’t have anyone to really chat about the book. My sisters aren’t done with it. Grrrr. I’ve been done since August 2nd, 10:22pm.

  4. After the third book I wasn’t sure if I was going to even read this one but I don’t know, everyone seems to be excited about it and now I want to read it. I’ve read a lot of the spoilers but I don’t care… Now I just want to read it for myself because I can’t believe some of the stuff I’ve heard! ha,ha…. Glad you enjoyed it!

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  6. I just finished Breaking Dawn, but I didn’t find the twists as unpredictable as you did. I guessed at one of the major plot twists nearly right away!

    I still have mixed feelings about the book…honestly. I should be posting my review soon.

  7. I hope to get my thoughts together to post a review soon as well. I thought the book was predictable, but not necessarily in a bad way. I have mixed feelings about the book, but overall, I’d say I enjoyed it.

  8. I was glad to read your great review! I just finished BD today and have the same feelings as you do. I liked the book and the way the story was written. Personally, I thought it was the best book in the series. There seems to be such controversy over this book and many who dislike the way the series was ended. I posted a review on my blog today.

  9. I have posted my review in case you are interested. It was a long one this time.

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