MiniBookExpo Review

When I was perusing the blogging world, I found a website called MiniBookExpo.   This is a website where publishers can post copies of their books and offer them to bloggers to read and review.  Most of the books are from Canada, but some publishers will send books to the US.  I thought I’d give it a try.

After checking out which books were available, I spotted one called The Best of Keith Speak – The First 7 Years by Keith Ryan.  The description of the book sounded interesting.  I don’t remember it clearly, but I remember thinking it would be a funny look at a guy’s daily journal; something different to check out. 

Well, I received a spiral bound printout.  It starts with an introduction that instructs the reader to start at page 1 and continue to the end.  The first two sentences are:

This is the Best of KeithSpeak culled from the first 7 years, or 82 KeithSpeaks, and is presented in chronological order.  All of the following entries are completely, absolutely true except those parts which aren’t, and could never be.

I was confused already.  I turned to the first page and read the first entry dated June 27, 2000.  I didn’t get it.  I thought I started in the middle of the story.  I tried to persevere.  I kept reading for about 20 or so pages and got more and more confused.  It actually started aggravating me.  I had no idea what I was reading.  I started to skip around.  It didn’t help. 

So, I thought I’d go check out the author’s/publisher’s website  Apparently, what I was reading was the blog entries of a blog called KeithSpeak.  Keith is an author who has his own publishing company.  He writes for tv, movies, etc and also has a blog where he writes some thoughts(?).  I guess he decided to make his blog into a book. 

I read some reviews on his website which seemed all to be glowing.  Maybe those people know Keith or are more aware of his blog.  But, I just don’t get it.  And, I can’t go on with the book.   I tried; I really, really tried but I can’t do it.   Sorry!

3 responses to “MiniBookExpo Review

  1. Don’t apologize! I’m sorry the book wasn’t right for you. It’s one of only a small handful of self-published titles on MBE and I’m sorry if the release post didn’t reflect the nature of the book more accurately.
    I hope you’ll come back and look for another title. We have over 200 more to release and most of the publishers are now offering shipping to the US.

  2. Wow. That doesn’t sound very promising. 😦

  3. I got this from Mini Book Expo, too, and I, too found it painful to read.

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