Kindergarten Book Club — The Finale

It’s been a while since I gave an update to my daughter’s book club.  We had our final meeting last week.   We had some good themes and stories that the girls seemed to have enjoyed.  I think since I left off with ballerinas, we’ve had butterfly week, flower week, fairy week, and job week.  Most of them kind of girly, but popular.  We ended on a back-to-school theme and celebrated with a picnic in the park.

Bonjour, Butterfly (Fancy Nancy)

For butterfly week, we read Fancy Nancy Bonjour Butterfly!  by  Jane O’Conner and Robin Preiss Glasser.  For those of you with little girls, I would highly recommend Fancy Nancy.  Although, I think I like those books better than my daughter.  Anyway, this book was about more than just butterflies.  It was a good story about a little girl being disappointed about missing her friend’s party.  It was sweet.  Then, the girls made butterfly masks.  They really enjoyed it.  And, we ate fruit.  It seems to have become our snack of choice for book club.  Thanks Tracy for hosting!!

Next, we went to Stephanie and Leah’s house for fairy week.  We read Alice the Fairy by David Shannon.  It’s  about a little girl who thought she was a fairy and she would change things around at her house.  We had fun talking about what we would do to our dads if we were fairies.  The girls then made fairy paper dolls. 

The Tiny Seed (Aladdin Picture Books)

Back to Karen and Ashely’s house for flower week.  We read The Tiny Seedby  Eric Carle.  Of course, Eric Carle books are always fun.  The illustrations are priceless.  The story followed a tiny seed on it’s journey to become a huge flower.  Then, the girls made paper flowers and put them into pretty glass vases.  They had a lot of fun with that.  I think it was one of their favorite crafts.

Next stop, Carolyn and Adrianna’s house for jobs week.  There we read two books (unfortunately, I don’t remember the tittles).  One was a story about a dog trying to pick out a job before he realizes his job is to be the family’s pet.  The second story was about a little girl’s whose mom’s job was being a witch.  The girls thought both these books were funny.  We heard lots of laughing.  For the craft, the girls made paper dolls and dressed them for different careers.

The Night Before Kindergarten

Our final meeting occured at the park.  We each brought our lunch and ate together.  We played a back-to-school game where each girl closed their eyes, reached into a backpack and guess what school supplies they were touching.  We then read The Night Before Kindergartenby  Natasha Wing & Julie Durrell.  It’s a fun story using the rhythm of Twas the Night Before Christmas.  There are a lot of these The Night Before…. books.  All the ones we’ve read have been fun.  Each girl then received their own copy of one of the Katie Kazoo books.  Off they went to play.

As part of each of theses weeks, we also had show-n-tell.  The girls would be a favorite book each week and tell the other book club members about their favorite books.  Although sometimes shy, the girls seemed to enjoy showing off their books.  I know we got some good ideas for some new books to read.

Overall, I think it was a good experience for the girls.  Most of them seemed to look forward to it each week and coming up with themes.  Maybe we’ll try again next year!


3 responses to “Kindergarten Book Club — The Finale

  1. Leah had a great time (and it gave them something to look forward to all summer)! Thanks for organizing everything!

  2. Absolutely brilliant! And fun even! I’ll be stealing this idea, and the line up of books. I want to be a fairy.

  3. What a wonderful idea!! Sounds like something my daughter would love!

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