BBAW — Blogs We Love

For the first “task,” My Friend Amy wants us to write about our favorite blogs that maybe didn’t get mentioned during the voting process.  While I follow several blogs, as we all do, three book blogs that I really enjoy are:

1.  Book Addiction — I really enjoy the breadth of the books reviewed by Heather on her blog.  And, she’s always honest.  She reads a lot of books in the “psychology” realm which I find interesting myself as a school psychologist.  She gives me some good ideas of books to consider when working with kids.

2.  Bookgirl’s Nightstand — I think a lot of us enjoy this one.  On top of all her great book reviews (she always seems to be reading more than one book at a time!), I love to follow her work on her journals.  They are beautiful.

3.  A Girl Walks Into a Bookstore — There’s a variety of books at this book blog, too.  I like her star system and her reviews are just the right length!

One of my other favorite blogs is Fuzzy Cricket.  This blog does review books (and we seem to have some similar tastes), but it also catalogs her life with her family.  She really inspires me as a mom!

8 responses to “BBAW — Blogs We Love

  1. I enjoy these blogs as well. Bookgirl’s Nightstand does feature some really gorgeous journals!

  2. I enjoy Fresh Fiction and Dear Author along with Writing Playground.

  3. I really enjoy the Bookgirl’s Nightstand journals as well…They are gorgeous!

  4. Great pics! I like all of those blogs and enjoy Fuzzy Cricket too!

  5. I am completely tickled that FuzzyCricket is in such good company. *blushing thanks* The book communities are amazing. I love a good sharing-of-opinions and I feel like I’m exposed to perspectives I normally wouldn’t have otherwise.

  6. Wonderful pics! I also love these blogs. Thanks for your participation in BBAW!

  7. Aw, thank you for the shout out Nicole! The great thing about BBAW is finding even more book blogs to visit (my bloglines are really going to hate me now – haha!)

  8. thank you so much Nicole! I really appreciate the shout out and also am a huge fan of your blog as well. 🙂

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