A Sexy Romance

I just finished The Perfect Lover by Stephanie Laurens.  The title of this book is PERFECT.  This book is basically about lovers, loving each other, a lot.  Technically, this book is a historical fiction romance about a young man from a good family who thinks it’s time to find a wife.  There’s a young woman from an equally good family who wants a husband.  Of course, these two know each other and don’t get along, yet…. 

Nothing too creative in the storyline here.  Typical romance stuff.  There was the addition of the historical piece, which was adequately done.  But, basically, I felt like this was a sex book.  I can’t tell you how many “love scenes” there were in this book.  I kept thinking the author can’t write another one and still make it fresh, can she?  Yes she can.  I wrote a post a while back about boudoir books.  I’d add this one to that list.

As I read this book, I became a little embarrassed that my mother gave it to me with a high recommendation.  She actually wrote in the front cover to return it to her when I finished it (usually she tells me to pass the books on to someone else or bookmooch them).  Is mom going to read this one again??  Something a daughter doesn’t want to think about.

Apparently, this #10 in a series of books called the Cynster novels.  You don’t have to have read 1-9 to get this book.  I’m am a little embarrassed that I may search out some of of these Cynster novels (I just may not tell you that I read them).


4 responses to “A Sexy Romance

  1. Yeah, don’t want to think that kind of stuff about my mom…but her favorite author is Jackie Collins, so there you go. I do remember buying her a romance for 5 cents at a senior center bazaar when I was about 12. I can’t write what the first line of the book was, but it was pretty raunch (the first line!!) and my mother just about died when she realized what her daughter had given her. Of course she read the book, though.

  2. Raunchy I meant to say! And to think I’m supposed to be a writer!!

  3. I’m TOTALLY chuckling at your Mom’s note to give the book back! What a great way to recommend a book. Sometimes steamy romance just doesn’t need a creative story. Fun review!

  4. Growing up, my mom used to have shelves and shelves full of books with bodice ripping covers, so I feel you on the gross-out factor. That said, I love me some naughty books every once in a while. I’ve been known to stand in the “romance” section at Half Price Books on occasion and furtively pull books from the shelf to read the backs – I’m usually so rushed by my shame that I can’t find a decent one. Thanks for the recommendation!

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