Raunchy Fantasy Tale — Another of Mom’s Recommendations

I’m starting to wonder about my mom.  She seems like a very conservative woman who just turned 60.  But, she has recommended another book, Knight of Darknessby Kinley MacGregor, that, again, has some pretty sexy parts, and some dirty language (something of which my mom does not usually approve).  I remember her searching her bookshelves to give me this one along with its follow-up, Sword of Darkness.

This book is about the son of Lancelot (from the Round Table), but it’s a whole different look at that story.  Anyway, he is Merlin’s assain in a “war” against evil.  But, he considers himself evil.  Anyway, in an attempt to lure him to the “dark side,” the bad guys, which include is mother, try to manipulate him using a human woman.  Well, as you can guess, a romance results, to the main character’s dismay.  Typical love story there. 

When I started this book, I almost put it down.  I couldn’t believe my mom liked it so much.  Even beyond the raunchiness and language, it just didn’t make sense.  I was confused a great deal until about half way through the book when the author finally decides to explain.  But, the travel between time and dimensions was not easy to follow.  I don’t think the author did a good job describing that.  I also wasn’t sure at what period of time the story was actually taking place in.  It seemed like the distant past, but there was definitely modern slang and references throughout.  I think that had something to do with some of the characters traveling between time periods.

Anyway, the story did get a little better and it didn’t take long to finish this one.  Would I recommend it?  No.  Will I read the next book in the series?  Probably.  Does that make sense? Again, NO.

4 responses to “Raunchy Fantasy Tale — Another of Mom’s Recommendations

  1. Too funny! I’ll be reviewing a book soon that I continued reading against my better judgment. Glad to know I’m not the only one who does such things!

  2. Funny post. There are some people who I never read their suggested books because I’ve read a few of their ‘favorites’ & could barely get through them.

  3. amusing! Have your mom write a guest post and tell us why she loved it? (I haven’t been able to convince my mom to guest post either…)

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