Anatomy of a Boyfriend


Daria Snadowsky, author of young adult novel, Anatomy of a Boyfriend, offered me a copy of her book to read for my blog.  I really enjoy young adult books (it’s fun to remember a time I would NEVER go back to) and was thrilled to receive her book.

This book is the story of Dominique, a senior in a private school who has aspirations of becoming a doctor.  She has no experience with boys, until she meets shy Wes at a football game.  After embarrassing herself in front of him, she finds his email and sends him an email trying to “save face.”  Thus begins her foray into the dating world.

This book is sooo real.  I laugh when I read these teenagers thoughts and feelings.  I remember having similar thoughts and have seen teenagers act like this when working in different schools (I’m a school psychologist by trade).  Of course, none of this stuff was funny at the time.  But, I have to say that Daria hit the mark perfectly.  The book was very real.

I felt like a teenager while reading this book.  I was elated for Dominique at parts, angry as she was angry, and heart-broken, too.  The author’s style of writing really let me feel it all. 

I would warn that this book is a little racy.  Daria Sandowsky does not skimp when she’s discussing the teenagers experimenting with sex.  While this did add several chuckles, I was wondering to myself if I would want my daughter to read this one.  I decided maybe when she was in college.  I’ve seen that this book is recommended for ages 14 and up.  I would hold off to at least until 16.

Anyway, thanks for the book, Daria, I loved it!!

PS Don’t you think the cover of the book is perfect?


4 responses to “Anatomy of a Boyfriend

  1. I’d like to read this, even though it’s a teen novel. Yeah, the cover is perfect, especially since Ken is a castrato!

  2. It’s always interesting to read well written books about teenager. Sometimes I remember the anguish all too well. It makes me squeamish for the characters while reading the book.

  3. The cover is perfect. I have this one on my stack and need to get to it soon. It sounds like a fun read – glad to hear you enjoyed it!

  4. I don’t read too many YA novels, but I keep hearing that the author got the thoughts and feelings of the characters just right. Now I’m intrigued. I like the cover, too.

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