Like Glass

Like Glass Cover

Matthew Cory contacted me and offered me a copy of his first novel, Like Glass.  The launch party for this book is November 14, but I got to read it early (I usually get books after they’ve been launched, so this was a special treat for me!)  It turns out the book is available, just not promoted much, yet.  So, you can buy it!!  Check out Matthew’s website listed below to find out where!

The story is described as:

Rob Jackson receives a life-altering call from a former college sweetheart informing him that his brother has died.  Now Rob faces the turmoil of an unsatisfying (but long desired) death, an unfulfilled romance, and a series of events that lead him spiraling into darkness.

This book is a good character study of a young man faced with tragedy and how these tragedies change him and his outlook on life.  I thought the author did a good job describing Robert’s thoughts and feelings throughout the novel.  I could empathize with him even when I didn’t like him very much. 

This book also highlights the problem of depression and its devastating effects on a person’s life.  The author really delves into this issue in several ways, some surprising, that really made me think.  As a psychologist, I was interested in the author’s take on depression. 

Overall, this is a love story.  But, it doesn’t follow the typical love story formula.  There are many twists and turns and it is quite intense, at times.  The characters do some surprising things and that doesn’t stop until the conclusion.

I would say that the book could use a little more editing.  I found some parts to be awkward.  And, the way the author wrote the dialogue sometimes confused me.  I wasn’t always sure who was speaking and who was reacting.  I often had to reread parts to figure it out.

Overall, I enjoyed this first novel by Matthew Cory.  His website publishes the first three chapters of the novel if you want to check it out.  Also, some of his short stories are on his site.  I’m going to check those out, too. 

Thanks, Matthew!


4 responses to “Like Glass

  1. Sounds like an interesting read, though something that is a bit more romance than I usually read. Glad to see that Matt is getting some recognition.

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  3. Thanks for the introduction to a new author! I’ll go check out his site.

  4. Great review! The book sounds interesting. The confusing dialogue would bog me down, though. I have a hard time when I have to stop and try to figure out who is saying what.

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