Learning to Read & Write

It’s a very exciting time over at our house.  My 5-year-old daughter is starting to read!!  Each week, her kindergarten teacher sends home a list of sight words that they have learned in class.  My daughter loves to have “spelling tests” with me to practice writing these words.  We’ve even added a few of our own.  I thought it was time we give a book a try.  At the library, I looked for books that had some of her sight words.  And, last night, she read a book to us!   I almost started to cry.  She was so proud when she recognized some words and she tried really hard to sound out the words she didn’t know.  Of course, the book repeated many words, so she even started recognizing some new ones!  It was one of those moments, last night, when you love being a parent! 

While we did get this book out of the library, I may have to go buy a copy for us.  I want to keep the first book my baby read to me:  Oh, Cats!  by Nola Buck.

Just as exciting is my 4-year-old son’s writing progress.  He is totally uninterested in anything that resembles “school” work.  Unlike my daughter, he does not like to write or do workbooks, etc.  But, his teacher told me the other day that he wrote his name all by himself in school.  I was shocked!  I brought him home and he proudly wrote his name for my husband & me.  And, for the first time, he signed a birthday card himself. 



6 responses to “Learning to Read & Write

  1. That is a serious reason to celebrate! Books all around! 😉

    I think it is so wonderful when kids are surrounded with so much enthusiasm for reading and writing. It’s contagious and then they grow up enjoying books. Good for you!!!!

  2. Learning is a beautiful thing…and I’m always in awe when my kids learn something new and can now even correct me or tell me something that I forgot…! LOL.

  3. It is a very exciting thing! I am amazed by how quickly they start to pick up – wait until she get’s into first grade!

  4. Oh, so sweet and so very exciting. Congrats to the new readers and writers.

  5. How wonderful!!! Ever since my daughter started reading entire books on her own (she’s 8 now) I don’t get a moment’s rest. She’ll come into the bathroom when I’m in the shower, plop down on the toilet seat, and read me a story. Even though I could use the relaxation of a quiet shower, these are the moments I treasure.

    Reading and writing are big milestones! What smart cookies!

  6. What an amazing moment. Thanks for sharing it.

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