In Her Shoes

I read Jennifer Weiner’s Good in Bed and it was a lot of fun.  So, I thought I’d check out this other one and determine whether I wanted to watch the movie.

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Well, Jennifer Weiner is great!  These books really made me laugh.  And, what I like the most is that I can really relate to her main characters.  They are women who are smart, strong, and dealing with their body image (since they are not size 6, but size 14).  In both books, the main character was a woman struggling to find love, but always feeling unlovable even though tshe had a lot to offer.  They are both professionally successful, but aren’t sure if they are doing what they want to be doing.  They finally decide to take risks, in both love and work, and find some success.  The success these women find comes with struggle, realistic struggle.  Again, I felt like it was real.  And, I enjoyed how everything does work out for the women, even if it wasn’t what they thought they wanted in the beginning. 

The secondary characters were fun, also.  They added a lot to the stories, including some funny moments.  I think it’s hard to write a funny book and I’m always impressed when I get a laugh.  Jennifer Weiner usually makes me laugh several times!

So, for a couple of feel-good books that makes you smile (and laugh), you should definitely check out Jennifer Weiner’s books.  I just wonder now if the movie can live up to the book?  Has anyone seen In Her Shoes?  How was it?

PS  I just realized I also read Goodnight Nobody and Little Earthquakes.   While I did enjoy Goodnight Nobody, it was more of a chick-lit mystery.  I didn’t find it quite as amusing.  Little Earthquakes I read a long time ago, but remember it was fun.  I am going to check out Certain Girls and The Guy Not Taken-Stories.


4 responses to “In Her Shoes

  1. I love when secondary characters are as entertaining as the main characters.

  2. I love Jennifer Weiner – I’d definitely recommend Certain Girls.

  3. I’ve only read In Her Shoes but will probably get to some of her other stuff one day.

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