A New Look at an Old Fairytale


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When I started blogging again, I saw two reviews for Godmother — The Secret Cinderella Story by Carolyn Turegon at Stephanie’s Written Word and Booking Mama.  After reading the reviews,  I couldn’t wait to read this story.  I usually just add books to my TBR and then when I get to it, I get to it.  But, for some reason, I couldn’t wait for this one.  And, luckily, Stephanie loaned me her copy.

I have to say I really enjoyed this book.  It is the story of Cinderella told from the perspective of her fairy Godmother.  Except her Godmother now lives in modern-day NYC and is trying to redeem herself so she can go back to her fairy world.  Redeem herself from what?  Can’t tell you, but, of course it has to do with Cinderella.  Or does it?

This story was told in an interesting way.  I was hooked from the beginning because I couldn’t figure out where the author was going with this ageless tale.  As the story progressed in modern day, the author provided flashbacks about what really happened in the Cinderella story.  There was a parallel between the past and the present.  While that seemed like a typical writing technique (I’ve seen enough of it in the Jane Austen “sequels”), I didn’t find it cheesey in this book.  The author was able to keep the suspense building, throwing in a few minor characters or sightings that threw me off the expected path.  Even with those minor distractions, I didn’t not see the ending coming.  WOW!  Quite a twist.

I really enjoyed this book.  I was not disappointed even after I built it up from reading the other reviews.  I always am a little surprised when I connect with a book.  I love to read and I enjoy many books.  But, there are a rare few where the story really sticks with me.  I think this one will stick with me for awhile.


4 responses to “A New Look at an Old Fairytale

  1. I know, wasn’t it good! I even e-mailed Booking Mama just to talk about the ending!

  2. I am so glad that you enjoyed it. I always worry that when I recommend a book that strongly that another reader might be disappointed. Wouldn’t it make a great movie?

  3. Cinderella is one of my all-time favorite stories and I love the different versions of this. I’ve seen this reviewed around the blogging world, but I haven’t gotten around to it, yet. After your review, I’m off to the library!

  4. I’m intrigued. I didn’t think this sounded like something I’d read, but your review convinced me otherwise.


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