Chick-Lit Mystery

While perusing the library stacks for any Charlaine Harris books, I ran across a title that caught my eye:

Product Details

Death by Chick Lit

by Lynn Harris

I thought to myself, that sounds like fun!  And, it was.  It was a typical chick lit story with the added bonus of a mystery.  The main character, Lola, is a budding novelist trying to hit it big.  She has one novel out, which did just okay,  and has writer’s block when it comes to a second novel.  While at a friend’s book party, Lola comes across the friend’s dead body.  Soon, other chick lit authors are turning up dead.  Lola decides this is her chance for her next novel.  She’ll solve the mystery and turn it into a new book.  Entertwined in the mystery is the typical themes of friendship, betrayal, trying to find oneself. 

The characters in this book were nothing too special.  Lola, like many women in these chick lit novels, was a little over the top.  Why do these chick lit authors do this?  I’d like to see more light stories with a strong woman rather than these silly women.   Lola’s husband was a little too good to be true; you had to love him.  Her best friend was somewhat forgettable.

Having expected these kinds of characters, it turned out to be a fun book.  The mystery added something a little fun and  the author did a pretty good job with it.  There were some twists and turns.  She threw in some possibilities and some rogue characters to consider.  I thought the conclusion of the mystery was well done. 

As for the conclusion of the other parts of the book, again, predictible.  It always amazes me how these crazy women do such a 180 before the book is over.  If only change was so easy!!

All in all, I thought this was a fun novel.  A good one for the upcoming summer reading season.


5 responses to “Chick-Lit Mystery

  1. Maybe they’re always silly and outrageous so we can feel better about normal selves? I dunno.

    Anyway, this one sounds like a quick, fun read. Thanks for the review!

  2. I like fun quick reads in between heavier books…its satisfying for some odd reason

  3. What a happy find! My sister and I were just lamenting that many of our library perusals end up lackluster. Thanks for mentioning this one!

  4. I sometimes wonder if the writers are facing huge deadlines or something. I think these stories have potential. So many people can relate to the whole 20/30 something looking for love, finding a career, etc. Yet, you are right, the women characters are so often over the top it’s a bit discouraging to read these books. I still try to read one every once in a while in hopes of finding a gem. I might like this one given that it also has a bit of a mystery angle!

  5. Chicklit with mystery AND about books! sounds fun.

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