Sorry for the delay….



Hi everyone,  I’m so sorry.  I was supposed to declare the winner of Best Intentions by Emily Listfield over the weekend and I just plumb forgot.  I’ve been so busy with work, the end-of-year kid stuff, living life and I’ve been  stressed out.  But, without further ado, the winner is……..








Savvy Verse and Wit


If you haven’t checked out Serena’s blog (which I’m sure you have), it’s great!  


I’m off to catch up on my work.  I’ve missed reading your blogs and I hope to be back soon.  I do have two reviews to write on two really good books.  Plus, I’ll be at BEA at the end of the month, so I’ll have a lot to blog about.





2 responses to “Sorry for the delay….

  1. Congrats, Serena! I’ll have to borrow your copy. Hint hint.


  2. I am so excited! Thanks so much, Nicole. I’ll see you at BEA!

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