Promising New Author

My friend Patricia, who is an aspiring author, introduced me to a book that a fellow author wrote and self-published.  Soup in the City, by Kelly Hollingsworth, is a fun chick-lit book.    Even it’s title is fun for those fans of Sex in the City.

This book made me think of one of my favorite authors, Jennifer Weiner.  Soup in the City was written in a similar style, with a similar plot (like Good in Bed), and was quite funny.   It is the story of Avery St. George, a young woman in NYC who hit it big with her first hedge fund and now does not need to work.  Of course, in these financial times, things change quickly for Avery and now she’s left homeless, with staggering debt, worries about her size, and her idiosyncrasies to overcome.

As with most chick-lit books, Avery, the main character, seems a little overdone.  I’m not sure why the authors do this.  Is is to make us feel better about ourselves?  To make the ulitmate change seem more amazing?  Make us laugh?  Either way, Avery was definitely the extreme when it came to her self-esteem and self-centeredness.  But, I loved her spunk.  After feeling sorry for herself, she did know how to take advantage of a situation and turn it around.  Avery was actually a very strong woman that just didn’t realize it.  She would stumble into a situation and then somehow turn it around, not by accident, but with real “smarts.”   I did become frustrated that she fell into her old habits so quickly.  But, I guess we all backtrack at times, right?

There was some intrigue with her involvement with an ex-boyfriend and mob-esque hit on her new business.  That part of the story was quite amusing.   In fact, I laughed reading this book several times (always a good sign!)  

I enjoyed hearing about her soups and was actually wishing she had included some recipes.  Maybe there’s a cookbook in this author’s future.

I think she has a good start in the chick-lit world and I hope to see another of her books one day.  If you want to check Kelly Hollingsworth out, see you web site for the book.




3 responses to “Promising New Author

  1. That’s an interesting comment, about the overdone heroines in many chick-lit stories. I have recently wondered the “why,” behind that, too.

  2. I like when recipes are included in a novel (when it’s a natural fit) … seems that would have been a nice addition. As you say, maybe the author is planning a cookbook, or recipes on her web site.

    The tltle made me think of The Soup Nazi episode from Seinfeld 🙂

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