The Darcy Connection

Well, I got back on my Jane Austen kick.  I ran across The Darcy Connection, by Elizabeth Aston while I was browsing around the bookstore awhile back.  I tried to pass it up, as I try not to buy too many books, but it was on the discount table and I just couldn’t help it.  I have read other Aston Austen novels and have enjoyed them, so I thought, why not?

This is the story of Elizabeth’s goddaugther,  Eliza, and Eliza’s  sister,  Charlotte.  Like all of these novels, this one is about finding a husband.  It is reminiscent of Pride & Prejudice yet again.  There’s an uppity young man, a headstrong woman, prejudices and pride that get in the way of romance, scandal, and ultimate happily ever after.  This novel included a duel.  

Even though it’s the same story yet again, I can’t seem to get enough.  I’m a sucker for an old-fashioned romance.  I admire the spunky Eliza (just like I appreciate Elizabeth Bennett), even with their flaws of pride.  Don’t we all suffer from this as some point?  I just like how these women have a mind of their own and are willing to stand up for themselves even in that difficult society for women.

I was lucky enough to pick up another Austen-esque book at BEA last weekend.  I look forward to reading this one and adding it to my collection!   It comes out in paperback in September.  I’ll let you know what I think.


2 responses to “The Darcy Connection

  1. I am going to dedicate a whole month to Austen-and-related reading. Do you have a list of Austen-y books to recommend?

  2. Jane Austen kicks can be fun, can’t they!

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