Latest Sookie Novel and Upcoming True Blood Season 2 Premiere

I recently read the latest in the Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris, Dead and Gone.  I can’t believe I’ve read nine of these books in the last couple of months.  But, I’m hooked on this series.  In this one, Sookie ends up in the middle of a Fairy war as the great-granddaughter of the Fairy Prince.  How does she get mixed up with EVERY supernatural group?  What’s possibly left for her?The focus of #9 is definitely not the vampires.  Although, there is growing “tension” between Sookie and Eric.  And, of course, Bill makes an important appearance, too.  But, the main focus seems to be Sookie’s great-grandfather and the Fairy world unfolding in the supernatural world.  Sookie finds out more about her family and some family secrets are revealed.  Her brother finds out about their “extended” family and he and Sookie actually start on the road to reconciliation.   Charlaine Harris does leave us wanting more by ending the book with Sookie’s great-grandfather telling her that the vampire really loves her and Sookie wondering, “which vampire?”  That’s what I want to know.

The more I read these books, the more outrageous they seem to be getting.  But they are so much fun!  Of course, I am partial to vampire stories lately.  I like to be able to escape reality sometimes and think about other worlds.  The Sookie books are fun fantasies.  And, of course, who can resist a love triangle which includes two gorgeous vampires.

I could do without Sookie’s brother’s storyline.  Especially on the TV show.  HBO changed that story line quite a bit from the first novel in Season 1 of True Blood.  I’m not enjoying that so much.  I prefer the focus on Sookie.

As for the HBO series, I’m not sure what to say.  I tried watching it when it first came out and before I knew about the books.  I made it through one episode and wasn’t impressed.  I stopped watching.  I then heard about the books and instantly got hooked.  So, I attempted the series again.  And, got hooked.  I’m a sucker for a series.    But, I don’t think the show is that great (too much unnecessary sex.  Yes, that’s possible.  I actually find myself blushing when I’m watching the show alone).  But, I still watch and I  am  still excited for Season 2 to start next Sunday.  The DVR is set!  Will season 2 follow Book 2?  I wonder…..

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2 responses to “Latest Sookie Novel and Upcoming True Blood Season 2 Premiere

  1. I hate the brother storyline on the HBO series and too wish they would focus more on Bill/Sookie!

  2. I think I’m going to join the Sookie challenge, so I’m glad to see the books are fun!

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