The Verdict Is In…The Ten-Year Nap Discussion

As I “struggled” with my mixed feelings concerning The Ten-Year Nap by Meg Wolitizer, I was interested to see how my bookclub would take it.  It was quite a discussion AND relatively short.

The seven ladies that attended the meeting seemed to agree, The Ten-Year Nap felt like a ten year nap.  Many of them commented that they kept waiting for something to happen.  And, they were a little embarrassed to say  they only  got excited with Ian crashing to the beach and the possible affair turned expense accout stealing (and thought that was a little anti-climatic).

A couple of my book club friends felt shocked by some of the behaviors of these mothers.  One mother was really upset with Jill and her feelings for Nadia.  Many of us were a little weired out with the mother who nursed another mother’s baby.  Yet, one of our bookclubbers admitted she would do the same thing (after a discussion with the baby’s mother).    None of us thought much of any of the characters.  I know I didn’t like any of them.

We had some conversations about feminism, marriage, friendship and parenting.  This discussion did lead to some “getting to know” each other better comments.  In that respect, this book was fun.  We did have a good time laughing and telling the women who didn’t finish or read the book the things they missed.  When retelling some of the points of the book, it sounded unbelievable.   I commented that I was a little disappointed that the book was not as balanced as I had hoped.  Some of the others seemed to agree.

All in all, the group put this book near the bottom of the list of books we’ve read.  Then, we started to discuss which books we’ve read that were good and were bad.  There was definitely some different opinions here.  But, The Ten Year Nap didn’t make the top on anyone’s list.



7 responses to “The Verdict Is In…The Ten-Year Nap Discussion

  1. Great idea for a post. I’m glad now not to have read it, since nobody seemed all that thrilled with it! I was glad to see you and the other gals though and am looking forward to our next meeting already!!

  2. I’m so sorry that this book didn’t work for you guys. I thought we had one of our best discussions ever about it. Good luck with next month’s pick!

  3. sounds like even though you were ambivalent about the book, it made for great book discussion.

  4. Hopefully the next book group choice will be a better one although at least this did lead to some interesting discussion. Maybe not so much on the book but hot topics!

  5. I thought this one missed the boat as well. Didn’t like anyone and nothing really started happening until the bk was over. Not a great combination.

  6. I just came across your blog, and wanted to let you know I think it is great! Thanks (This book looks great)

  7. Our book club read this one too and I never had time to get into it. But out of the 8 women there, only one person enjoyed it. I’m kinda glad I got the heads up before I got started.

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