La Petit Four — More YA

My friend, Stephanie, offered me La Petite Four by Regina Scott since she knows how much I like YA fiction.  Am I trying to relive my youth?  Am I living vicariously through these books?  I often wonder why women in their 30s with young families connect so well to YA fiction.  I know I’m not the only one.

Anyway, this is a historical YA romance mystery.  Yes, it has a little of everything.  It’s about four young girls who have recently graduated from a finishing school and they can’t wait to enter society.  However, Lady Emily finds herself engaged to an awful Lord Robert who the girls think is “up to something.”  They launch their own investigation in hopes of rescuing Lady Emily from this marriage.

This is a cute, quick read.  I think it’s actually appropriate for young adults as there are no sexy scenes.  There’s some innocent kissing, but that’s fine for a young teen, right?  It doesn’t go beyond that.  The book strives to stick to the protocol of old England.  There’s a hierarchy, titles, and proper etiquette as well as the protection of the maidens.  The author does a pretty good job keeping the historical time accurate for the readers.

The story is fun.  The authors does attempt to provide alternatives to the bad guys.  However, her hints throughout the novel make the ending rather predcitable.  I don’t think this is a bad thing, though.  I actually liked the ending and it hinted at more romance for Lady Emily in the future without totally making it a “happily ever after.”

At 231 pages, this book packs in several genres and does it with flair.  I enjoyed the mystery, the coming-of-age worries of the girls, and the budding romances, not to mention the historical aspects.  In this novel, we get to use our imaginations a little more in the romance department, which was fun.

This is a quick, fun, summer read.  Enjoy!


4 responses to “La Petit Four — More YA

  1. I think you’re right about reliving our youth. Then again, the YA books I tend to read are the darker ones, so what does that say about me?? LOL Sounds like a fun book. I’ll keep it in mind.


  2. Young Adult. I love the genre. It’s pure escapism and doesn’t usually strain my depleted brain cells to decipher vocabulary. Don’t get me wrong – I love a challenging read, too. Just not while I’m cooking dinner or supervising chores.

  3. I figured I’d never be interested in YA because I left all those stories in my childhood but when I finally gave some a chance I found out that there are just some really good stories being told. Some are silly, fun and some are actually just a good way to see what today’s children are going through I guess.

    This one does sound cute 🙂

  4. I am finding that a lot of the YA that I have been reading have interesting story lines and the depth of adult novels so with quite a few I can often say that I might not have known the difference. It’s great that there is variety as well within the genre and some fun light reads can still be found.

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