Back from Key West with Classics on the Mind

I just got back from my 10th anniversary trip with my husband to Key West.  We spent four wonderful nights in this beautiful place:  relaxing, eating, shopping, touring, and, of course, reading.  I was able to finish three books in this time, all fun reads and to think about what I’d like to add to my list in the near future.

First, I finished The Secret Diaries of Charlotte Bronte by Syrie James.  This was a good read that I picked up from BEA from the lovely Jennifer over at Book Club Girl.   The story focused on Charlotte Bronte’s relationship with the man she finally marries as well as her road to publication.  I truly enjoyed this book, as it read kind of like a P&P type story.  However, it seems to be based on fact and lots of research.

And, this is where I find my first book for my TBR.  I have never read any of Charlotte’s books (I know, it’s a shame).  I did recently read Emily’s Wuthering Heights, which was mentioned several times in this book.  Now, I can’t wait to read Jane Eyre. I love reading books after I have some information about the authors.

I also finished The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein, for bookclub.  I loved it!  I’ll review more later after our club discusses it at the beginning of August.  I’ll let you know what the rest of the group thought, too.  BTW, I have tried to convince my husband to read this one now.  I think I’ll wear him down.

I then returned to my young adult vampire phase with the first book in the Vampire Beach series by Alex Duval.  A fun, quick read.  Not much to review, but I will be going into the next book when I get a chance.

I just started another of L.J. Smith’s vampire series, Night World. What’s fun is that you get three novels in one.  I finished the first one last night about a girl who is diagnosed with terminal cancer and her vampire friend breaks all of the Night World’s laws to “save” her.  Again, a fun read!  I look forward to the next two novels.

You must be wondering about the rest of the classics that are on my mind since Key West.  While YA vampire books are fun, they are definitely NOT classics.  Well, while in Key West, my husband & I visited the Hemmingway house.  We took a tour and learned a lot about this author.  I love to get the background stories of these famous people, you know, the stories they don’t tell you in school.  They should because I think I would have been more likely to  have read the books I should have read in HS.

Anyway, Hemmingway was quite the character, incorporating people from his life into his books.  Since hearing some stories, I now want to read A Farewell to Arms and Old Man in the Sea.  That’s right….. I haven’t read either of these before (although, I’m pretty sure I was supposed to in HS).

So, my TBR is ever-growing, but I’m adding some old ones instead of the new releases.  After reading all these wonderful “new” books, I feel like it’s time I become well-read, in the classic sense.  And, with the stories behind the stories, I’m ready to do just that!


6 responses to “Back from Key West with Classics on the Mind

  1. Congratulations on celebrating a decade of marriage! That’s a wonderful accomplishment, especially if you can claim that you still like each other. 😉

    I missed out on reading many classics. I’ve got JANE EYRE sitting here, begging to be read, too. I’ve been catching up with some classics, (hence the Jane Austen Challenge!) discovering some gems and some pretentious bores. But that’s all perspective and experience.

    Can’t wait to see what you read! I’ll be following along.

  2. Oh tell your husband that my husband read The Art of Racing in the Rain and loved it. And he doesn’t love many books. So he’s been urging me to read it too. And A Farewell to Arms is ok but I loved For Whom the Bell Tolls.

  3. you really do have some good classics on the brain!

    I have The Secret Diaries of Charlotte Bronte by Syrie James in my TBR pile from BEA and can’t wait to get into that book.

  4. Happy belated anniversary!

    I’ve got that Syrie James book on my radar and now must add some of these others you’ve mentioned 🙂

  5. Happy anniversary! Glad you had a great vacation. I also snagged the Charlotte Bronte book at BEA, but I haven’t had a chance to read it yet.


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