Everything Austen — Bonus Track

I know I’ve been missing in action. I’m happy to say that work has been really busy this school year, so I haven’t had the desire to be on the computer typing things after I’m done with all the paperwork for my job. Plus, I’ve read a few clunkers lately and didn’t have much to say.  But, this book moved me to report.

I finished this “remake” of Sense and Sensibility (which is my favorite Jane Austen) a couple of weeks ago. I was just not going to review it, but I can’t let it go. This book is ridiculous. It took me forever to finish and I contemplated NOT finishing it many, many times. I just hate not to finish a book I’ve started and have only abandoned a few books. I did persevere through this one and I’ll never get that time back.

The book did follow the plot, loosely, of Sense and Sensibility.  However, I was often offended on Miss Austen’s behalf.  I don’t know why the author felt the need to turn Col. Brandon into a sea creature.  And, the whole underwater substation Beta was ridiculous.  The author didn’t even explain what it was until half way through the novel;  he just kept referring to it like you’d know what he was talking about.  The addition of pirates didn’t help the novel along, either.  I’m not sure why this author had to use Sense & Sensibility for his sea monster story.  It was almost like Jane Austen’s plot was getting in the way.

I read Pride & Prejudice and Zombies and appreciated it and its humor, but I feel like this Sea Monster novel didn’t work.  I know it’s not supposed to be serious, but it was beyond……I found no humor in it at all.

I’m sorry that this is such a harsh review.  I usually try to find something good about a book I review, but this one just bothers me too much.  I’m going to try to forget about it and what it did to one of my favorite novels.


6 responses to “Everything Austen — Bonus Track

  1. Does this mean you are not going to read the book I am writing (LOL) Northanger Abbey and Necromancers? I am using 99% Austen’s work so that I don’t have to do anything.

  2. Sorry this one was disappointing. Sea monsters don’t sound as exciting as zombies to me. LOL

  3. Not harsh…honest. Which I appreciate! At least PP&Z had some humour to it and kept the main plot.

  4. It sounds like a book that was meant to be fun, but just didn’t explain itself well enough for the fun to shine through properly.

  5. How have you been…? reading?

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